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What is AllSpace?

AllSpace is a multiplayer, online immersive virtual universe for those with an interest in science, astronomy, space travel, economics, first-person combat or trading.  

Although it contains various ways to ‘play a game’ we don’t classify it as a game because it is so much more!  Some of the activities involve:

·         Pilot a spacecraft from the Earth to the moon and learn the finer points of orbital mechanics.

·         Take on your frenemies in a Player versus Player good-old-fashioned dogfight.

·         Become a bounty hunter and track down pirates for virtual credits.

·         Trade with others and build your virtual wealth.

·         Explore the galaxy and have new systems or planets named after yourself.

·         Become a galactic landlord and charge virtual rent for traders and visitors.

·         Observe the constellations and how they change when you are no longer orbiting our own Sun.

·         Try your hand at docking with a space station or buy a virtual computer to do the hard work for you.

·         Upgrade your ship, weapons, and systems.

·         Accept and accomplish missions on behalf of the virtual government or a friend.

·         Design new spacecraft, weapons or systems all within the environment.

·         Chat and make new friends.

·         Create your own rules, games or interactive environments using the built-in scripting language.


Wiki, including how to contribute

Ongoing discussions regarding user experience and technical issues

Visualizer demo (requires Flash Player 11.3 beta or newer)

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